Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to allow for the preparation of my first order with your pharmacy?

Since it requires a call to your old pharmacy, the first order, can require an additional delay of one day. Make sure you have enough medication before asking us to proceed with your file transfer.

How can I send you the prescriptions from my doctor?

Any prescription placed in the file of your pharmacy can easily be transferred by our pharmacists. Just give us your consent to do so.

Can I return the products received?

For security reasons, our pharmacy cannot take pharmaceuticals that have ceased to be under the immediate control of our pharmacists. Thus, a drug ordered by mistake by a patient cannot be returned for refund for this reason.

Will I have the necessary explanations for my medication to be sure it is safe ?

Our pharmacists make a point of giving you all the information necessary for you to take your medication safely. In addition, you have access to information memos and explanatory videos directly on your online file at all times.